NCDA Board of Directors  

Open Positions

Ballot for 2017-18 Year





Reported Incentives to Serving on the Board of Directors of the NCDA


  • It's a great way to get your foot in the door (New RD? Soon to be a new RD? this is you!)

  • Additional 3 CEU/yr for elected positions

  • Increase your connections

  • Adds diversity to your day

  • Advocate for change

  • Make an impression for the younger RD generations and students

  • Shape Northern Colorado to what you want it to look like

  • Build a sense of community around healthy eating and living


Why Directors are Important


  • Organizes and runs meetings

  • Ensures the meetings meet requirements for CEU's (for you!)

  • Collaborates for opportunity for networkings, careers, experiences and volunteering

  • Provide awards (and dinner) to build your professional background and credibility



  • An elected officer shall not, at any time during the term of office, hold an elected office in CAND/AND.

  • Elected officers must be classified as active or retired current members of AND, in good standing, as well as current members of NCDA in good standing.


Elected Posititons can only be filled by CURRENT or RETIRED dietitians/DTRs. Not applicable to students/interns.


Appointed Positions may be filled by either dietitians/DTRs or students/interns with President approval.