The Northern Colorado Dietetic Association (NCDA) is your local chapter of the Colorado Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (CAND) and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. We provide educational seminars, networking opportunities and more, open to professionals as well as the public, all on the topic of health and nutrition. 



The Denver Dietetic Association is funding a few smaller scholarships and then one larger one aimed at supporting diversity in the field of dietetics.

Diversity: https://www.eatrightdenver.org/blog/9883264

Internship Support: https://www.eatrightdenver.org/blog/9883266


New Job Listings:   NEW!  

  • The Pinnacle Charter School is looking for a Nutrition Services Director. 

  • Fremont County in Wyoming is looking for a Reginal Nutrition Supervisor of WIC


Volunteer opportunities: 

Click on Contact Us, then Volunteer tab for more information. 


Benefits of Membership:    

- Earn up to 12 CEUs this year by attending our monthly meetings.

- Networking opportunities with dietitians from Denver and Colorado Springs.


Have You Heard!

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NCDA Board Positions Available!


Have you ever thought about getting more involved with the NCDA? Consider joining the 2021-2022 NCDA Board!

There are several open positions to serve as a NCDA Board member during the 2021-2022 membership year:
President-Elect (elected)

  • Serves for three years: 1 year as President-Elect, 1 year as President, and 1 year as immediate Past-President. Organizes and facilitates member meetings, plans and implements the annual NCDA Member Appreciation Dinner, performs functions of the President in the absence of the President, and attends Board and member meetings.

Treasurer (elected)

  •  ​(remove, part about mid-term election) ​Serves for a two-year term: Develops and maintains the organizational budget, keeps full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements, pays organizational bills, reports on financial status during Board meetings, collects and receives all dues and payments from NCDA members, and attends Board and member meetings

Nominating Committee Chair (elected)

  • Serves for one year. Procures nominations for elected offices, verifies eligibility of nominees, prepares ballots for elections, and attends Board and member meetings.  

Nominating Committee Member (appointed)

  • Serves for one year. Assists Nominating Committee Chair, and attends Board and member meetings.

Policies, Procedures, and Bylaws Chair (appointed) 

  • Serves for one year. Reads and becomes familiar with the NCDA bylaws, positions, policies, and procedures, reviews and recommends changes in NCDA positions, policies, procedures, and bylaws to the Board for approval, maintains current files of AND, CAND, and NCDA bylaws and NCDA policies, procedures, and positions, ensures NCDA is consistent with AND and CAND, updates NCDA positions, policies, and procedures, as needed, and attends Board and member meetings. 

Membership Awards Chair (appointed) 

  • Serves for one year. Sends award descriptions to members to solicit NCDA member nominations for yearly membership awards, compiles and verifies nominations, and creates awards for winners. Assists the President-elect with the planning and execution of the Membership Appreciation Dinner and presents awards at the annual appreciation dinner. 

Membership Committee Chair (appointed) 

  • Serves for one year. Develops NCDA Board of Director Roster. Attends member meetings, assists with member sign in, and greets and orients all NCDA members. Collaborates with the Marketing Chairperson to develop the NCDA marketing plan and materials. Assists in recruiting members to volunteer for planned NCDA events and projects. Creates and distributes the NCDA Membership directory.

If you are interested in running for or being appointed to any of the above positions, please contact Becky Wiggins, RD, at becky.a.watson@outlook.com by Monday, May 17th.

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